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Authorized Economic Operator

In addition to our expertise in international freight forwarding, CTI Logistics is also certified by the World Custom Organization (WCO) as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in terms of Thailand’s leading logistics company. We are remarkably certified by the customs of each country and strictly pass the eight security standards of WCO, including security in entering and exiting different buildings, security of employees, security of business partner security, security of goods, security of transport vehicles, security of information and information technology systems, management and investigations, and management in case of crises or emergencies.

As a logistics service provider with over 50 years of experience in Thailand, CTI Logistics is ready to provide a full range of customs brokerage for the convenience of your import and export business. We proudly provide international cross-border freight forwarding, document preparation services, advice on tax benefits to customers in all industries, and product security standards. Our specialists with more than ten years of experience in customs brokerage are ready to be the consultants who give you the best advice. Other services are also available including…

Security Terms

For the potential to guarantee the highest safety of our customers’ products, we’ll assuredly request our customers to certify that the goods to be shipped or accessed through our other services have gone through the process of preparation, storage, packing at a safe location without any disturbances. In addition, such goods must be delivered by a team that is reliable or verifiable. The company reserves the right to refrain from accepting “prohibited and restricted goods” as prescribed by the Customs Department as follows:

1. Prohibited Goods

Prohibited goods are items that are strictly prohibited by law to be imported or exported outside the Kingdom of Thailand. In some cases, the transshipment is also prohibited. Any person who imports or exports prohibited goods in and out of the Kingdom will be liable to penalties under relevant laws and are also an offense under the Section 244 and the Section 246 of the Customs Act 2017. The prohibited goods for import and export are as follows:

2. Restricted Goods

Restricted goods are items required to be permitted or complied with the provisions of the law if they are to be imported, exported, or transshipped through the Kingdom of Thailand. Such goods must have an import and export license and comply with any labeling notices, certificates of analysis, or drug documentation. Any person who imports, exports, or transships restricted goods through the Kingdom without permission, or fails to comply with the specified laws, is subject to an offense as defined in that law and also an offense under the Section 244 and the Section 246 of the Customs Act 2017 on products with import and export measures, standard products, and product standards.

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