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We aspire to be one of ASEAN + CLMV leading logistic service providers. 

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At CTI, we always go the extra miles to integrate our services to create a cost-effective and seamless supply chain for our customers and their end-consumers.

Smarter, Flexible Solutions

We listen to and anticipate our customers’ unique needs while continuously innovate and digitize CTI’s  total solutions.

Localized Expertise

Different localities present different logistics complexity. We take pride in building localized knowledge to get your shipments delivered on-time.  Complexity simplified. 

World-wide Network

Our network spans global reach and connectivity.

Our Customer Service Has Never Been Compromised

Our Mutual Business Successful Is Yet So Close but Yet so far with Others

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CTI at Tilog Logistix 2023

04 January 2024
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Powerful Workshops and Empowering Experiences Sharing

04 January 2024
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CTI Ride and Share 2021

03 May 2022
CTI Logistics and its affiliates have traveled to Umphang Wittayakom School and Tanphuying Wilai Amattayakon (Ban Poeng Khloeng) School at Umphang district, Tak province to deliver donations for three years in a roll on 3rd – 6th of December 2021. The location is 720 km far from Bangkok with uphill road and more than 1200 curves. CTI Logistics and its affiliates are more than delighted to share our smile and happiness to the society.
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CTI Ride and Share

10 December 2019
For 2nd year, CTI Logistics and its affiliates have delivered donations to Umphang Wittayakom School
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Governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai’s Visit

24 September 2019
It is a remarkable day for CTI on 26 August 2019 Governor of Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, Japan, Mr. Yoshihiro and his team paid an official visit to CTI
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