Looking after YOU and your CAR


The sole authorized Importer and Distributor of PORSCHE, BENTLEY and AUTOGLYM in Thailand for over 25 years.

AAS Auto Service Co., Ltd. established in 1986 providing a world class Premium quality product and service in the Luxury Automotive Segment under the CTI Hold ing Group. We emphasize on the commitment to provide the highest customer satisfaction through professional service. We follow our motto of “AAS the name you can Trust. We are Looking after YOU and your CAR”, which has always been the main focus in the continued improvement in serving our customer better.

AAS Harley-Davidson® Group

Operating under slogan “AAS the Name You Can Trust” with aim to deliver sales and service excellence to the customers. Always give high importance to human resource development and staff training which now leads to 3 technicians completed the highest level course “Master Level Technician” from Harley-Davidson® University.

Presently, consists of 3 full dealerships and 1 lifestyle shop.

AAS Harley-Davidson® of Pattaya (Eastern Thai Riders Co., Ltd.)
Authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer located on Sukhumvit Pattaya Road, Pattaya, Chonburi, established in 2016 to serve customers in whole Eastern area of Thailand. This dealership was the 2017 AEM Business Excellent Award winner.Tel. 038 255 255
E-mail : info@harleypattaya.com
Website : www.aasharley-davidson.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/AAS-Harley-Davidson-of-Pattaya
Instagram : harleypattaya
Line Official : @aasharley or click https://lin.ee/AaEf2Js
Map : https://bit.ly/3esZqVS
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AAS Harley-Davidson® of Bangkok (Bangkok Riders Co., Ltd.)
Authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer located on Vibhavadi Road, Bangkok, the flagship store established in 2017 which is presently Harley-Davidson® AEM Dealer of the Year 2018 and 2019.Tel. 02 521 4545
E-mail : info@aasharleybkk.com
Website : www.aasharley-davidson.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/AASHarleyDavidson
Instagram : aasharleybkk
Line Official : @aasharley or click https://lin.ee/AaEf2Js
Map : https://bit.ly/2ZuDw04
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AAS Metro Harley-Davidson® (Bangkok Riders Co., Ltd.)
Authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer located on Rama IV Road, Bangkok. A new dealership under the umbrella of AAS, renovated in September 2019 to fulfill and complement our customer’s new and changing lifestyle especially for those who live within and around Metropolitan Bangkok. This dealer will focus on the new generation of H-D customers by providing plenty of modern lifestyle products, differentiated services and even more exciting experiences.Tel. 02 258 0988, 097 484 8844
E-mail : info@aasharleybkk.com
Website : www.aasharley-davidson.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/AASMetroHarley
Instagram : aasmetroharley
Line : harleymetro or click https://line.me/ti/p/xWNp6lKrIo
Map : https://bit.ly/2WhGAdW
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AAS Harley-Davidson® of Siam Paragon (Bangkok Riders Co., Ltd.)
Authorized Harley-Davidson® Lifestyle Shop located at Siam Paragon, Thailand’s top and prominent shopping mall, aiming to serve all H-D enthusiasts from around the world by providing varieties of genuine H-D and AAS H-D lifestyle products.Tel. 02 129 4829
E-mail : info@aasharleybkk.com
Website : www.aasharley-davidson.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/AASHarleyDavidson
Line Official : @aasharley or click https://lin.ee/AaEf2Js
Map : https://bit.ly/38Ua23o
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CTI Airside Warehouse Co. Ltd. is a developer of land and space in the prime area for rent to interested business entities. CTI Airside Warehouse and CTI Warehouse are two distinct entities – the latter operates general and free zone warehouses and is a subsidiary company of CTI Holding Group, or better known as “BIB”

TOWN Office

191/2, CTI Tower 31st Floor, Ratchadapisek Road, Kongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: (662)2580060-6, 2590360-9, Hotline 1671
Fax: (662)2601232
E-mail: ctibkk@ctibkk.com

CTI Tower

CTI Tower Co., Ltd.

CTI Tower Co., Ltd. provides rental services for office space and residential units in prime business location in the city of Bangkok, comprising CTI Tower on Ratchadapisek Road, and Liberty Plaza on Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thonglor), Sukhumvit Road.

With our experienced building and property management team, we have gained the trust and confidence of our tenants for more than 25 years.


INT-INTERSECTION Open-air Community Mall on Rama3 Road, a hang-out lifestyle space where you can eat, drink, shop, and chill, with great eateries. In addition, you can find Foodland Supermarket opened 24 hours.

Stay Intouch
Website : https://www.int-intersect.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/int.intersect

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CTI Holding Co. Ltd. is and investment firm, providing consultancy and asset leasing services.

We focus our investment in businesses which have an important role to play in the Thai logistics industry as well as other business sectors. Our investments include joint ventures, subsidiary companies, holding companies, and joint management of projects.

In addition, CTI Holding provides business consultancy services with a team of knowledgeable and professional personnel with extensive experience in marketing, strategic operation and finance, which are important factors in enhancing competitive capability.


Your Professional Partner – Thai Air Services is an experienced airline sales representative for more than 20 years. We provide complete services for both passengers and cargoes handling with high efficiency like no other. Our services include passenger sales & services, tailor-made marketing plans, reservation and ticketing, cargo sales & services, and aircraft handling.

With our equipped and skillful staff, your airline is in good hands.

CTI Food Supply

CTI Food Supply

The path to a fully integrated transport empire

‘Farmer to customer’ is a key concept that CTI Food Supply Co., Ltd. has been firmly using since its establishment in 2016. That is because we are a leading and renowned importer of food ingredients for distribution to restaurants and hotels, as well as catering businesses, airlines, cruise ships, and hypermarkets.

Based on the experience we have accumulated over many years, it has made us specialize in gathering the finest products and ingredients. We carry out both importing from abroad and sourcing quality locally through various food service channels. We also offer a delivery service for selected quality ingredients and products at the best prices, including temperature controlled transportation. We are confident to tell you that our food ingredients and products are stored to the highest standards in a cold room located in Bangkok.

Our ingredients and products have a wide variety of high quality, whether it is foreign brands such as Wagyu beef from Japan and Australia, Angus beef from the United States, as well as seafood from Japan and Taiwan, yuzu juice from Japan, and ice cream.

As for the domestic products, we have carefully selected quality pork and seafood from Thailand to meet the diverse needs of customers in restaurants, hotels, catering businesses and others.

After running our business for a year in 2017, we have expanded our investments, improved the temperature control room to have more storage capacity, and arranged the transportation service to be the highest efficiency and standard at the best price for our customers.

You can contact us through the following channels:

WEBSITE: www.cti-foodsupply.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/ctifoodsupply

LINE: ctifoodsupply

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