CTI Logistics Company Limited runs service business as representative providing air, sea and land transportation through trucking. The Company recognizes the importance of safety of the organization, employees, business partners and related parties, and to reduce risks from potential losses. Consequently, the Company has laid down the following safety policies, systems and practices:


The Management is committed to running the business honestly and trying to prevent all types of corruption. Consequently, the Company has formulated a policy prohibiting its directors, executives and employees at all levels to abuse the authority of their positions to seek vested interest of any kind for the benefit themselves, their families, or any other parties.


1.1 Policy and guideline governing anti-corruption within the organization


(1) Directors, executives at all levels, chiefs and employees are prohibited from receiving kickback or any other benefits from trading partners, customers, sub-agents, or any other parties associated with the Company.

(2) Directors, executives at all levels, chiefs and employees are prohibited from receiving gifts worth more than is customary.

(3) Company properties may not be used for personal interest.

(4) The Company is prohibited from entering into transactions or activities with companies of which directors, executives, chiefs, or employees are stakeholders or have vested interest.

(5) Trainings and seminars are arranged for all levels of employees so as to promote integrity and responsibility in the performance of their duties

(6) The Company has laid down regulations and internal control systems so as to prevent employees from conducting themselves improperly

(7) The Company has set up an internal inspection unit to inspect all of the Company’s units and report to the Company’s Board of Directors

(8) Violation of the Company’s rules and regulations governing corruption should be reported through the appropriate channels.


1.2 Policy and guideline relating to anti-corruption outside the organization


The Company has formulated a set of guidelines on anti-corruption outside the organization so as to prevent the Company’s directors, executives at all levels, chiefs and employees from engaging in corruption outside the organization.


(1) The Company does not encourage the giving, or offering, of any type of kickback to outside parties or organizations, particularly to government officials, with the expectation that some advantagewillbereceived. Thepracticemustbeinlinewiththegovernmentorganization’s regulations to prevent loopholes for officials to demand kickback should any mistake occur.

(2) The Company runs business in accordance with regulations, laws or procedures specified by outside organizations to prevent loopholes for government officials to demand kickback when any mistake occurs.

(3) Hospitality and gifts to outside parties are acceptable on festive occasions but must of appropriate type and value.

In case of suspicions or concerns about corruption please raise them with the Chief Executive Officer.